3 GB barrier

In computing, the 3 GB barrier is a limitation of some 32-bit operating systems running on x86 microprocessors. It prevents the operating systems from using more than about 3 GB (3 × 10243 bytes) of main memory (RAM). The exact barrier varies by motherboard and I/O device configuration, particularly the size of video RAM; it may be in the range of 2.75 GB to 3.5 GB. [2] The barrier can be resolved by moving to a 64-bit processor and 64-bit operating system. (more…)

Ticket Online Development

I have made the development of the company’s website for fast academy .. variation is an online ticketing system. where they sell all the tickets that will be implemented and it is also accessible to smartphone. please visit the www.eventfastanstic.com


5 Things To Know Before You Date A Programmer!  

So you have hots for this nerdy programmer you met somewhere and you are already dreaming of dating him/her! Good enough, but it isn’t easy to date a geek! Here are 5 things you should know before dating a programmer and the tips come straight from the horse’s mouth. Excerpts from willwriteforacookie.com’s blog:

1. We are not here to fix your computer. 

“If that is the first thing that crosses your mind, then give up. There is nothing more annoying than someone asking you so you are a programmer, can you fix computers?

New Application BR1M 3.0

Panduan Pemohon Baharu BR1M 2014. Pemohon boleh mendaftar secara Online / dalam talian atau secara manual dengan mengisi Borang Permohonan BR1M 2014 secara percuma. Borang permohonan BR1M 2014 boleh didapati di pejabat cawangan dan pusat khidmat (more…)

New Development

My new artwork or portfolio for web development  is Kopsya.. (more…)

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